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My name is Rosalyn. I am a Witch living in South West of Scotland. I have been using and practising the craft from a young girl. I was fortunate enough to be taught some divination skills and educaded about some aspects of the mystical world by my mother. I am also part a family who are fishermen (sadly these days fishing as a hobby rather thana way of life) but some decades ago our family made a living from the sea; and therefore sea witchcraft and folklore is close to my heart and roots. Growing up in a rural fishing town I realised that there are many customs, superstitions and stories that although seem the everyday norm to some locals and my family are infact not the norm elsewhere. So I particularly enjoy exploring these things to see what the history or source for these may be and what the belief systems may have been. Hopefully as I explore these I can add them into my blog.

As a child I was always connected to nature. I loved nothing more than to walk down to the stream beside the village I lived in and be at side of the banks watching for ‘baggies’ little fish, or little birds that made nests in the mud banks. Toads were regularly my ‘friends’ and I even ended up taking two home with me who happily lived under the bush beside my sandpit for a while.  I loved being in nature and felt an energy from it. Therefore in my teens I began feeling a pull towards paganism and felt drawn to a Celtic panthoen which I will also add into this blog sometime too.

I am part of an admin team on a Facebook group ‘The Magick Room’ and been sharing any knowledge and any information I find of interest regarding spiritual, magickal or divination with this group for a while now and enjoying it a lot. When I first took on the role as an admin I wasn’t totally sure I would have enough to say, but soon realised that even though I definatly dont know everything, I am not a clueless newbie to the craft either and do have some things I can share and discuss with others that may be of interest or help to them with their own magickal journey.

I have met a lot of lovely people on the web and wanted to expand on this. Therefore I decided that I wanted to start up my own blog where I can share the goings on in my life and my magickal journey.

At the time of starting this blog, I came across a lovely little traditional cottage that I wanted to rent. I instantly wanted to leave my town lifestyle behind and live there. Feeling inspired I hope to create a lovely witches cottage and garden, where I can grown and harvest my own ingredients for my spell craft and kitchen witchery, as well as set up the cottage with traditional witchcraft charms and practices.  So I also intend to be blogging about this too and thus was the inspration for the name of this blog.

Please click on the menu tabs above to start exploring my blog and articles. I hope you find something of interest.

Feel free to follow me, comment or like something to let me know what you think. (Please be kind, if you haven’t anything nice to say…. This may not be the blog for you so just skip on past to someone else please). I am not a writer and I am also dyslexic so spelling/grammar/reading is a challenge for me. Therefore please bare with me if I make mistakes. A little polite message to let me know is appreciated but reviewing my whole blog for spelling/grammar/readability is unwanted. I will block you as a troll if you start this. I am trying my best, if its not good enough for your standards…. Well move on to the next blog where you may find something to your suiting. So now all that is said (which I find sad that it needs to be said at all… but there are ‘those’ people out there unfortunatly), let me say a big WELCOME to you.

Again  I would like to say many thanks to you for joining me here.

Blessed Be



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